Prepping for Progress

Prepping for Progress

As I wrap-up the “scale it down / pack it up” process for the night, I’m looking back on the amount of work it actually takes to prepare for life on the road. As I stated in the first entry, I did a great deal of research before finally deciding on the RV life, so I knew based on the experiences of others that minimizing my current inventory would take some doing.

The first two photos are an example of where I started. They were the first two rooms I began sizing down – – then there was the spare room, all of the closets, the bathroom, vanity area and storage…

After selling most of the furniture on Craigslist, I had a sale for household items that I ran for two consecutive Saturdays. The first day, Murphy’s Law reared his ugly head – – not only did the weather turn very ugly, but the elevator in my high rise malfunctioned and was out of service for two of the five hours I was open. Yep – – whatever could have gone wrong, in fact, went wrong. Nonetheless, I did have a few sales that day. I hit the ball completely out of the park the following Saturday!

I had a local charity pick up the remainder of those items I wouldn’t have space for, and alas, the last pic shows the bulk of what was left!

Now, I had not anticipated that the furniture, particularly my bed and couch, would sell so quickly. That said, I’ll have to rough it on the floor for the next month or so until I make the big purchase. I hesitate to buy an air mattress, because it’s just one more item to dispose of before moving in to my home on wheels. I will say, however, it is just a hesitation.

I’ve been on the floor a few weeks now, and as my body reminds me that I’m no longer 19, I may very soon find myself at the nearest Walmart for that mattress. While I’m there, I might as well ask about overnight parking!

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