My New Ride

My New Ride

Several people have suggested that I purchase a moped to keep on the RV as an alternate means of transportation. At the time when it was first suggested, I hadn’t yet decided on the class or size of the rig I’ll call home, but since then, I made the choice to buy a 21′ class C.

Because it is very small, conservation of living and storage space is definitely going to be a priority. As such, storing a moped is completely out of the question. Since I began exploring my options, I’ve seen a number of folding bikes that I like and my plan was to get one of those to keep on board…

A few weeks ago, in the midst of the prepping process, I was forced to take a pause. Unfortunately, a friend of mine passed away unexpectedly and many of us who loved him dearly rallied around his mom and sister (who live out of state) to help with necessary tasks to be completed during their time here. Of course, none of us needed or expected any recognition or reward for our actions – – our friend was TRULY a fantastic guy and helping was the very least we could do to honor his memory and aid his family.

His mom, being the absolute beautiful woman that she is, wanted us to have items of his by which to remember him. As it turned out, the items that were given to me included a photographic book of National Parks that he kept on the coffee table and his Trikke. Needless to say, the acquisition of a folding bike is now a distant memory. The Trikke, which also folds, takes up less space, I’ll still be “keeping it green,” and I’ll get some much needed exercise each time I ride.

Now as I travel to each of the parks profiled in the book, I’ll take in the scenery, glide around on the Trikke and remember a friendship that I will always hold very close and dear to my heart! Thanks, Alla and Cara. Shawn was so blessed to have you, and we were all extremely blessed to have him – – even if only for a little while…

2 thoughts on “My New Ride

  1. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

    I had to look up the Trikke. They look like they provide a good workout and are even smaller than a bicycle. Looking forward to reading how it works for you.

    • Thank you, he was an amazing guy! The Trikke is compact and very convenient. It provides a great workout, as well. After several months, however, I’m looking at a folding bike, as well. Now that I have more room in the “new” rig, I’d like to have the option of riding my little Lola in a front basket. She’d just love that!

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