What About Your Friends?

One question that has consistently come up already is, “Aren’t you going to feel isolated being out there all alone?”  My answer is an equally consistent, “No, I don’t see that being an issue.”  First, because I don’t plan on staying away for long periods of time when I do travel; and secondly, because no matter where I am or have ever been, I always feel the love of my family and true friends all around me.  I take note of of all the things that people say and do to show they care. They may seem small to others, but they are very much magnified in my mind and in my heart.

Yesterday, one of those loved ones read my post, “Prepping for Progress,” and immediately texted me. I flashed a big, cheesy grin when I read, “DON’T GO BUY A MATTRESS, I HAVE ONE FOR YOU!” Without hesitation, he made arrangements to come by last evening and set it up for me.  Problem solved. No more achy back…or neck…or shoulders…or…well, you get the picture.  As well, no additional items to find a new home for when I move into mine.  I’ll simply return it well used, and well cared for.

This was further validation of two truths for me. I have people around who love me.  It was not just that he had a mattress that was available for my use – – it was more about him discovering that I was feeling some discomfort and immediately providing a solution.  For him, me experiencing pain of any kind, no matter how minute, is not an option – – that’s 18 years of friendship for you!

The next confirmation came in the form of my knowledge and belief in Scripture.  I had not, because I asked not.  For me, in most cases, it’s not just asking, it’s letting others know what I’m going through in the first place. This is one lesson I’ve always had a hard time digesting,  I have been so fiercely independent that I’ve chosen not to remember that there are those who want to provide assistance where they can.  It makes me wonder what other blessings I’ve missed out on because I always tried to go it alone. Something that makes you go, “Hmmmm”.

Well, I may never know the answer to that, but I do know that I’ll be reaching out for help from now on.  I’ll reach out to that warm, wonderful circle of kindred and aquaintances with assurance that  whether I’m in need of a kind word, a wonderful session of reminiscing, a prayer, or even another mattress while I’m out there, It will be provided!

Now let’s just see how many I can get to help me drain the black water tank! LOL!

4 thoughts on “What About Your Friends?

  1. Oh, this speaks to me so much. Jesus’ words are powerful, and always come true. When He says that those who ask, receive, He means it. I struggle with that concept all the time (particularly recently.) I know this is an older post, but please know that it’s exactly what I needed to hear tonight!

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