Operation Hit the Road

A few months ago with total trepidation, I began sharing with my loved ones and acquaintances that I was planning to buy an RV.  This was taken with ease until they realized that I had only given the preamble…

Faces immediately dropped as I broke the rest of the news – – I would begin clearing the contents of my apartment and office, selling the majority of my personal belongings, donating other items to charity and moving into the RV.

There was one friend, however, who immediately shared in my excitement.  He understood my reasons for doing such a thing.

1) I’ve been a Type A, workaholic, perfectionist, workhorse since I was 19 years old and would like to learn to relax a bit more than I have to this point.

2) I started my family very young and my son is now an adult and I’m no longer married, so I’m free to do whatever I like! Ahhh…the sweet taste of freedom!

3) Because most of my trips have been for business or other specific purposes, I’ve had no opportunity to REALLY see the USA for all it’s worth!

4) I refuse to purchase a home that I will never really own – – even if the mortgage is paid off, I can NEVER stop paying taxes or it will be gone in an instant!  As well, if there is a freeway built, a piece of land is developed, etc. (as I’ve seen happen to several people,)  I can still be displaced. I still wish to own (outright – – no strings) the place in which I live and the vehicle that I drive – – I haven’t financed a car for several years.  An RV is certainly the way to accomplish both!

5) I’d definitely like to live a more minmalistic lifestyle and not hold on to things that are unnecessary or that others can use immediately.

6) I love working for the Church and with our Veterans – – I do a great deal from where I am, but I when I think of how much more I can do to help others all around the country, I am overwhelmed with excitement!
As I spread the word about my plans, more and more of my loved ones began to “get on board” with the idea.  At that point, several asked me to began blogging about what I’m calling, “Operation Hit the Road.”  So, like always, I try to deliver!

I will go back for the next few days and document what I’ve already done to prep for my journeys.  It has definitely been a process and I’m making sure that I dot all I’s and cross all T’s before getting out there on the open roads.

It is my hope that this will be informative, amusing, inspriational and overall enjoyable. Hold on tight and get ready for the ride – – here we go!!!