I’m Getting Good at This!

I’ve shared in previous posts that I’ve minimized my belongings enough to fit the rig that I will be purchasing.  Well, I took another look at the items left and after giving another once over, I was able to rid myself of three more bags of clothing, and  a box of shoes, handbags and misc. items.  A girl can get used to this!

I was so overjoyed that I could donate more that I didn’t even sleep last night – – I stayed up and did more “loose end tying” in regard to my business (I’ll talk about that at a later date,) and at around 5:45am, I made my way to the Salvation Army and dropped the goods :).

Words really can’t explain how liberating it is to break out of the material mold that I’ve lived in for many years.  I was never materialistic per se, but I didn’t skimp on the finer things, either.  I was and still am very wise in my purchases – – this was  never so true as when I sold my furniture on CL and at my sales.  I sold most of it for more than what I paid initially.  Yayyy me!  There’s something to be said for buying unique goods that aren’t trendy or “faddish”.

So, having lost a few more unexpected pounds in personal belongings, I think I’ll probably repeat the process once more just to make sure I’m keeping what I need and donating what others are in need of immediately.  Life is so good, and it’s looking even better by the day!

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