Be Still

There is truly something to be said for being in a quiet place… In a place where you’re able to just stand still and see the glory of God! That’s where I am today – – feeling nothing but peace, love and joy I don’t have much to say in this entry, but I do want to share my two latest RV acquisitions that speak multitudes (I can’t wait to hang them ,) as well as a video that reminds us all to just slow down! Ride the waves today and let the Spirit guide you!


This was created by Nicole Wagner from The Primitive Barn in Linden, CA


…and this one by Bonnie from Itsy Bitsy Elephant in Kerrville, Texas

Always Blessings, Never Losses

ALWAYS BLESSINGS, NEVER LOSSES…I’ve really grasped this idea and it has helped me through seemingly innumerable life situations over the past several months.  It is my hope that anyone experiencing, “life” today will adopt this phrase as well.  Put it on your mirror, make a bookmark, jot it in your Bible – – whatever it takes to remember that there is definitely a silver lining in every cloud.

I’m personally thinking of my grandmother, my uncle and two of my best friends, Lynn and Shawn that I’ve lost (but heaven gained) over the past year.  I’m still missing each of them, but I’m smiling because I was so blessed to have shared life and great times with them all!


This is one of my favorite songs by Cindy Campo – – I hope you enjoy it, as well!

Forgotten Voices

A significant part of my time on the road will be spent assisting our US Veterans and their families.  I started working with Vets  in 2008 when I started a non-profit organization called, Calvary House.  Since then, I was in an auto accident that changed my life entirely.  When I started the organzation, I taught 10-12 grade Entrepreneurship and Information Technology in the Detroit Public Schools – – this is probably a great place to indicate that the problem in DPS is not the students – – they gave me my reason for jumping up every morning and running enthusiatically into the clasroom.

The best I can say for those that hold the rolls of red tape in the organization is that they gave me my reason for immersing myself into my students and making them the only happiness found within the confines of DPS.  One of my upcoming books will probably be based on my experiences there, but for now, I’d rather stay positive…

Anyway, after the accident, I found that many of my injuries (and long term effects that I’m still working through) were similar to  those experienced by our Vets.  I saw doctors in fields that I never knew existed and experienced symptoms that I didn’t understand.  Because I believe that I can help others no matter what my situation may be, I was determined to find a way to shed light on those who have gone virtuously unnoticed.

At the time, there was very little I could manage cognitively, so “real” writing was definitely out of the question, but I knew  that I could pay homage to our “lost” Vets in some way while still working on my own healing.  Thus, “Forgotten Voices” was born!

You can take a look at the ad created by my good friend and longtime photographer and videographer, Lamont Campbell HERE.  Enjoy!

Forgotten Voices2

Having Second Thoughts…


I know it’s been a few days since my last post.  Things became very busy for me and I was unable to get a free moment to post.  The schedule that I’ve been
keeping is one thing that I look forward to releasing when I “hit the road.” 🙂

I’m getting VERY close to the RV purchase now, and I’m at the point where I’m having second thoughts.  Not on the choice to fulltime, but on the choice of the the RV itself.  I was completely sold on a new rig that is currently available at a local dealer.  It is small enough to fit in a regular parking spot, has a dry
bath and has enough space for the solar panels I need to have installed. There are a number of other desirable options, but these are very important to

In the last few days, however, I’ve come across a few preowned rigs that have piqued my interest.  One, in particular may lead me on a journey a few states over to take a gander – – it not only has a nice sized “solar system” already installed, but it also has fully enclosed tanks, heated floors, arms chairs and a couch.  It has everything I want already installed – – EXCEPT the dry bath! AARGH!

Now, I’m in a bit of a quandry and have some thinking to do. I’ll need a few days to weigh my options, and I’ll keep you posted as I get closer to D-Day!

I’m Getting Good at This!

I’ve shared in previous posts that I’ve minimized my belongings enough to fit the rig that I will be purchasing.  Well, I took another look at the items left and after giving another once over, I was able to rid myself of three more bags of clothing, and  a box of shoes, handbags and misc. items.  A girl can get used to this!

I was so overjoyed that I could donate more that I didn’t even sleep last night – – I stayed up and did more “loose end tying” in regard to my business (I’ll talk about that at a later date,) and at around 5:45am, I made my way to the Salvation Army and dropped the goods :).

Words really can’t explain how liberating it is to break out of the material mold that I’ve lived in for many years.  I was never materialistic per se, but I didn’t skimp on the finer things, either.  I was and still am very wise in my purchases – – this was  never so true as when I sold my furniture on CL and at my sales.  I sold most of it for more than what I paid initially.  Yayyy me!  There’s something to be said for buying unique goods that aren’t trendy or “faddish”.

So, having lost a few more unexpected pounds in personal belongings, I think I’ll probably repeat the process once more just to make sure I’m keeping what I need and donating what others are in need of immediately.  Life is so good, and it’s looking even better by the day!

Feeling All Campy!


Today, I made one more visit to the dealership where my rig is located.  I needed to take a few more measurements to ensure that I have scaled down enough to fit my things in the storage or “basement” areas of the RV.  To my extreme pleasure, everything that I am keeping will fit just fine with a bit of room to spare!

Knowing that I had achieved my storage goals, I ventured down the road a couple of miles to Camping World. My purpose was to get the final quote on the after market add-ons that I will need to fulltime comfortably – – these include solar panels, rear and side cameras, in-motion satellite and a winterization package.  I was ecstatic when I discovered that the final cost would be a few hundred dollars under what I estimated!

After receiving the good news, I couldn’t resist exploring all of the goodies that Camping World has to offer – – so many items that will be useful and help to stay organized in the motorhome, but also, dozens of items that I could have been using in my brick and mortar homes to keep things as tidy as I like to keep them.  Who knew?!?  Well, any-who, I picked up a couple of small items that I couldn’t resist and made my way to the counter…

The gentleman at the register asked if I was, “a member.” Trying not to sound like a rookie, I said, “I’m a Good Sam’s member.”  This was the answer he was looking for – – whew! I went on to tell him that I didn’t have my card with me and he asked for my phone number.  Voilà – – there I was in the computer!  Somehow, that made me feel like a kid in a candy store even moreso when I saved a few bucks with the members only discount – – all official and stuff – – LOL!

My Lola and I left the store and headed to our now temporary domicile.  Today was definitely a great day! I’m no longer taking baby steps toward the goal – – I’m now in a full sprint and the finish line (or starting line, depending how you look at it,) is in clear sight!

Where Have You Been All My Life?!?

I have found a new love! Wonderfully convenient, helps unbelievably with organizing, doesn’t take up much space – – exactly what I’ve been looking for to save room in the RV basement storage… it’s the Space Bag!!

Granted, I have a tendency to get unnaturally excited about domestic products, but trust me when I say, this is the solution for ridding your home (regardless of the size) of the awkward, storage hog of a cardboard box that has cramped our style for years.

I really wish I had thought of trying some of my new findings before now, but I had no reason to look for creative ways to conserve space. I leaned on everything that I was used to – – like the big ‘ole boxes!


Good Sam and Such


Today, I received my first “Highways Magazine!” To celebrate my official recognition as a Good Sam Member, I figured this would be a good time to talk about RV clubs.

Like many fulltimers, I plan on boondocking as much as possible. With so many places that allow free overnight parking, and the RV being totally self contained, I see no reason to spend money unnecessarily, particularly when I’m in my home state.

I do believe, however, that my curiosity is going to get the best of me, and from time to time, I will want to explore some of the RV resorts around the country. For that reason, I have secured memberships to a few of the more well known RV clubs that offer discounts on campgrounds. In June, I became a member of Good Sam, KOA and Passport America. I also subscribed to and downloaded several apps on my iPhone. So far, Allstays and Woodall’s are my favorite apps.

Although I’m not out there yet, I’m familiarizing myself in advance – – I will have so much to learn in regard to the actual RV that I want to be as acquainted with as much as I can before getting behind the wheel. I must wrap-up now – – going to grab a cup of tea and dive into “Highways”.