RV Dreams

Well, after a few days of packing, selling and giving away items from my office, the journey to full time RV living is drawing nearer. It looks like I’ll be ready to make the big purchase sometime next week.

I’ve secured a box with the UPS store and have already begun mail forwarding. I chose UPS for now because I will still have a local address and they will ship my mail and packages to any UPS store or location of my choosing in the U.S. I plan to eventually change residency to South Dakota, and will rely on mydakotaaddress.com to handle the mail forwarding, residency and DMV processes, but for now, I will stay local.

I have completely changed my thoughts on the type of rig I’ll purchase, and have decided to buy used rather than new. Where I was already leaning that way, the advice given on the posted video sealed the deal. There is a wealth of information on this video from a full time RV couple, so if you’re planning to take the leap, it’s definitely worth a look. It’s 1:30 minutes long, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!

A Writer’s Favorite Pen

Writers: I think we can all agree that we are a pretty strange breed.  We live in our imaginations (as brilliant as they may be,)  we grow to love characters that don’t really exist and we exist in a world of, “what ifs.”  I could go on and on describing our unique nature…

Included in our quirkiness is the desire for the perfect writer’s tool – – our favorite pen!  I choose to write with fountain pens.  For me, there is a certain nostalgic and artsy warmth that I feel each time I’m using one in my collection.  Right now, my favorite is a Blue Marble Jinhao X450 and my ink color for now is a beautiful dark teal.  Ahhh, love it!  I’m wondering how many of my blog friends share my appreciation for a lovely fountain pen?  I don’t know if it’s the writer or the nerd in me, but either way, I’m OK with it! 🙂


Last year, the first Fountain Pen Day was celebrated and I’m pleased to announce that it will be celebrated again this year on November 1, 2013!  This date is very appropriate as it also kicks off National Novel Writing Month.

Click here for more info and leave a comment below about your favorite pen…

This Girl is on Fire!

Last month, I challenged myself to write my latest novel, “Mirage” in 30 days. On the 30th day, I completed the challenge at 50,346 words.

I’m working on editing and rewrites now, and plan to finish that process this weekend. “Mirage” will be out in June, and the next project begins!