First Night Out

First Night Out

The 4th of July… the day we celebrate our independence and the day I chose to mark my own milestone – – my first night of Rving. Earlier in the day, I gathered some needed items at Camping World while the service techs installed In Motion Satellite. In speaking with the gentleman who completed the installation, he suggested that I try a campsite that was run by one of his fellow church members. I plan on doing more boondocking than anything else, but over the next few days, I want to be able to interact with seasoned campers to better understand the ins and outs of my own rig, so I decided to book a few sites.

As it turned out, I was very glad to have followed the the advice of the tech. I encountered some of the nicest people I have ever met, and they helped me a great deal. As with life, in general, everything wasn’t all peaches and cream at the start. I backed into my site perfectly (it doesn’t get easier than with a 20’9″ RV!) I then got out to plug into the electrical outlet and IMMEDIATELY I was stung by wasps – – once in the back of the leg and once on my hand. Of course, that was nothing enjoyable to write home about, but that was the only negative. As well, I had a sparkling new can of wasp spray right in the drivers door (I bought it in case I ran into predators of the human kind, but it so happened I was able to use it for its intended purpose…) Needless to say, the wasps got the shorter end of the stick than I did! LOL!

Later in the evening, after putting away my Camping World purchases, I sat down and watched fireworks that were going off all around the site. Soon following, I tucked in, watched a little television and commenced the most restful sleep I’ve ever had in my life! Any last minute jitters I had were completely gone and that night marked the start of an even more wonderful life!

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