My View From, “There”

This morning I awoke to the beauty displayed in the photograph. I made breakfast and had coffee all the while praising God for all that He has provided. It’s breathtaking when you can see and feel Him in the water, trees, flowers… It’s more than amazing when you can feel Him in the breeze, itself.

I’m so grateful to be in the place I am now. In the last several years, I have experienced an exuberant amount of loss and hardships in the form of relationships, health, career, and the deaths of several loved ones. At times, I truly didn’t think I would make it, but my faith in God wouldn’t allow me to give up. On those days that I couldn’t find the words to pray the way I wanted to, I’d simply say, “Lord, please take me from here to there.” Now I can say that, “there” for me, meant peace, quiet, tranquility, happiness – – a place where I could just catch my breath for a moment.

Today, I gave Him praise because He has answered my prayers. The most fantastic part about it is that I was able to praise and worship Him in a place I immediately recognized as, “THERE…”

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