Officially Out of the Fast Lane

Officially Out of the Fast Lane

As I was meandering down the highway to my next, “campsite,” I realized a couple of things. First, cars were flying past me in the middle and fast lanes – – I kept a steady pace in the right slow lane. Only a few weeks ago, I was one of those who were zooming on the freeway, annoyed and yelling at a car or driver (it really didn’t matter, neither could hear me anyway,) that was going to slow, in my way, and had no schedule to keep. Now, here I am, totally unfazed by the names I was most likely being called as I cruise down the street in total peace.

When I exited the highway and turned down a tree-lined street, I was overcome with happiness because I took the time to see the green in the trees, to smell the nature that surrounded me and to simply live in the moment. I am officially out of the fast lane and I look forward to living in the fullness of every moment. I do wish that I had learned to do this before and didn’t have to wait until this time to discover the quiet that it brings to the mind, body and soul.

So, wherever you are today, whatever you are doing, stop now and just live in the moment. You will be amazed by what you feel, smell, taste, or sense. Drive in the slow lane for awhile, both literally and figuratively. I’m sure you won’t be the same again!

6 thoughts on “Officially Out of the Fast Lane

  1. I try to tell my wife the same thing about talking to the drivers on the road…I’m the only one who can hear her, and I’m the passenger.
    I love it that you are living a dream, no schedule, no time clock to punch. You are totally free to be used of God at any moment, in any place. That’s what I call free. God bless you…you go girl!

  2. I am liking this all over again. Life brings changes, and as wonderful as those changes can be, what you said still holds true. So I’m taking heed. Live in the moment…and be amazed.

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