Craigslist and Plan B

Craigslist, Maintenance and Plan B's

In my last RV update, I shared that I was having hardwood flooring installed. Well, on the day I was to have it put in, I received a text from the carpenter 20 minutes before my appointment time. I had already driven over 30 miles when he texted letting me know that another customer of his had a vehicle that had overheated and he had to cancel my appointment as a result. Now, at first I was disgusted. How dare he cancel with me for another client…

Well, that feeling soon dissipated when the light bulb went off in my mind. This man is a carpenter, not a mechanic. He even stated in one of our conversations that he knew nothing about the mechanical side of vehicles, but could install the flooring with no problem. At that point, I was shaken. This guy was at best, a fraud. I found him on Craigslist under the service section. I have been an avid CL user for several years. I’ve both purchased and sold many items on the site, and I’ve even hired a painter and electrician. This incident, however, has spooked me enough that I am now a CL retiree. This was a man who scheduled my appointment after the he had supposedly paid for and picked up the flooring. Who cancels after that? I’ll tell you who.

I told him the night before that my friend was very overprotected of me and that I had given him the address where I would be taking my RV. I also just happened to mention that he was a federal officer. Yup, all bets were obviously off at that point! After that, I jaunted over to Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy throw rugs. Problem solved with my plan b! Hardwood is unnecessary at this time.

On another note, this week, I dropped my house off to be painted. After reading a blog from another full time Rialta owner, I decided to have my, “Gypsy Rider,” painted all white. It will help a great deal when I’m stealth camping as it just looks a bit like a work van.

I was told that it would take five days in order to remove the baked on decals and do all the sanding. I was completely shocked when I received the call 24 hours later that my house was ready to be picked up! Since I had prepaid a hotel room for five days, I am still stuck and anxious to get back to my rolling home. I check out of here in the morning, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s amazing that I just transitioned into this lifestyle, and I’ve never felt more at home in my rig!

6 thoughts on “Craigslist and Plan B

  1. Good observation Dana, so many people are trying to make a fast buck. You should probably always mention your over protecting federal officer friend. That WILL back some clowns up. I think a written guarantee should be required too.
    Good for you! And you saved money on throw rugs vs hardwood floors plus labor.
    This is my first look at your rig and it looks real nice. I’m loving you loving your new adventurous life, and I appreciate you sharing it with us. God’s best for you is what I hope for you…always.

    • I can’t even explain how wonderful this lifestyle is! Yep, I just dropped off my house — lol! I was so sad to leave it there, and couldn’t wait to get it back!

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