Graduation Bust…

As I indicated in a previous post, I planned to attend my friend’s graduation today. Note to self and fellow RVers — Downtown Minneapolis is NOT the place to try to find parking.

Most parking facilities come in the form of towers and ramps, and obviously, with clearances of under seven feet, these are a definite no-go. Now, there are some lots, several in fact, that could accommodate a rig. At under 21′, mine wouldn’t be an issue, however, at a couple, I was told my vehicle is considered oversized and I’d have to pay for two spaces. That wouldn’t even be a problem, but they were too far from the convention center and I’d need public transportation to get there. Also not a problem if I had more time.

The major issue was that these lots were unattended, not secure and came with a warning from the locals that break-ins were commonplace. Enough said. No one wants their car broken into — for me, it would be my car, home and office! No thanks, I’ll pass.

After driving around a maze of one way streets, tourists and construction cones for over an hour, I was done. I was quickly reminded of why I have yet to find a downtown area for which I have any affinity and why I love nature filled environments. I decided to head to the site of the book signing to make sure that I wouldn’t run into this issue tomorrow. To my great pleasure, it is in a vast strip mall with hundreds of parking spaces right in front! Good stuff!

I’ve decided that I will stay here in the Brooklyn Park area rather than venturing back to Bloomington. This morning’s debacle wore me out and now I’m ready to have a nice cup of tea whilst pondering the readings I will share tomorrow. Last night, I traveled to Lebanon Hills Campground in Apple Valley to fill up on fresh water, so I’m all set for boondocking my last night in MN!

Oh, I almost forgot. While on my wild parking space hunt, I got to see this Peddle Pub — once again, the sites haven’t disappointed 🙂



Nope, Not Disappointing At All!

So, I decided to head back over to the Mall of America RV area to make breakfast and start my day.  As I sat down with a nice hot cup of java, this is what was in front of me! Coffee and a good laugh – – can I ask for anything more?!?


Twin City Adventures

Twin City Adventures

I arrived last evening in Minneapolis. I drove nearly 13 hours straight through, which kind of defeats the purpose of having an RV, but in addition to my book signing on Sunday, a friend of mine is receiving her Master’s … Continue reading

Just Thought I’d Share

I know I haven’t been very diligent with my postings lately. Transitioning into my new life plus the release of my latest novel and prepping for book signings, etc. has kept me pretty busy.

I had to take a moment, however, to share this magnificent view outside my window this morning. I just wanted to share this peace with you all!


Faucet Upgrade

Like many other Rialta owners, I quickly found the galley faucet to be quite inconvenient. The factory install is a simple bathroom faucet, not at all unattractive, but too short to put pots and pans underneath to wash.

As I’m getting into the convenience (and thriftiness) of DIY, I decided to make a change. After spending the night at a local Home Depot lot, I was there bright and early to purchase a new faucet. I stayed right there in the lot, installed it, then made breakfast all before the sun had completely risen!

I dined on a scrumptious plate of turkey bacon, eggs and toast, then washed my skillet with ease underneath my brand new galley faucet. I just love this life!