Bell’s Palsy – Week 2


Today marks the beginning of my third week with Bell’s Palsy. During the second week, I ended up back in the hospital after a bad reaction to one of the meds. I had terrible chills and night sweats, and I was in terrible pain all over.

When I arrived in the ER, my temp was 104, I was terribly dehydrated and had multiple infections. Besides this, I was horribly confused, probably due to the fever. I must have been rambling, because the doctor came in after I was a bit more stable and told me he looked me up on the Internet. He was pleased when he found my website, checked the parking lot for my RV, and was satisfied that I was who I said I was!

At this point, I’m feeling much better, but that second week also brought a great deal of facial pain, nausea, neck pain and overall exhaustion. I’m hoping that as I enter this third week, I’ll start seeing more improvement. Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Bell’s Palsy – Week 2

  1. My sista…you are strong and healthy and this too shall past. Know that you are in my prayers. Keep on keepin on…peace&blessings

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