Bell’s Update – Week 3


Last week marked my third full week with Bell’s Palsy. With it came a great deal of pain, swelling, nausea and tearing from my right eye which still won’t close. The facial paralysis has not subsided, but I believe the pain is a sign of healing. The headaches that I experienced the in the week prior to my diagnosis returned, but only lasted a few days. This brought a level of comfort, but I have to mention that I have had headaches everyday since an auto accident four years ago, so there was no complete relief. My little Lola is able to detect the more serious headaches before their onset, but she couldn’t detect those that were due to Bell’s.

Last Sunday, the campground where I had been staying closed for the season. Knowing that I should keep still and continue healing (and working on my book,) as well as winter quickly creeping upon us, I moved to a year round campground. I must say, it is beautiful! You can get a glimpse in the pics below. I’ve settled in, continued my writing and I’m getting a good amount of rest. I’m sure that this will soon be behind me and I’ll be back to my old self before I know it!




Coolest. Bookstore. Ever.

This is Paradox Bookstore in Wheeling, WV. They say there are so many books that you have to walk sideways to get through some of them. Indie bookstores, like indie authors, are unique, necessary and a cut above the rest!