$1.00 Fix…It Keeps Getting Better!

The second day of my interior projects brought a mini miracle. Several RVs are made with a berber-type carpeting installed on the ceiling. My Rialta had it throughout, but my Minnie Winnie has it only in the shower (go figure.) Needless to say, it can stain and mildew over time if not maintained properly. Such was the case with my Gypsy Rider.

I thought about dying the carpet to mask the stains. I looked at automobile carpet dye, as well as the popular Rit fabric dye. I even thought about painting it, but figured it would look knotty like a dried paint roller when I finished. By the time my brainstorming session ended, I had decided to try an old standard favorite — bleach.

I filled a squirt bottle with an equal mix of water and bleach, sprayed the carpet very heavily, opened a window, and had my morning coffee. I went back about a half hour later and saw great improvement. I sprayed it again, and two hours later, my carpet is stain free! I figure the bleach and water was valued at about a dollar, and it took zero effort on my part!


After (close up, you can see that the stains have been removed completely:)


So, for all my fellow RVers out there, no need to stress if these pesky stains appear. A simple mix of bleach and water will do the job!

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