Just a Bit of Security

Today, it was a very sunny 70 degrees! In my first RV, on days like this, I loved leaving the screen door open and feeling the breeze. In my current Gypsy Rider, I hadn’t had the opportunity to do that having purchased it in chilly November. Today, I basked in the simple joy of feeling the breeze blow through my screen door, but not without first taking proper precaution.

Because most RVs don’t come equipped with screen door locks, I’ve found the need to install them on my own. I did it in the Rialta, and today, I did it in the Minnie Winnie. I purchased a bronze oil-rubbed door chain lock ($4.50) and a package of Loctite Epoxy Glue ($2.50) and simply affixed the pieces to the screen door and the wall. Voilà! That was it — dare I risk saying it was “easy breezy?”



While letting the glue dry, I decided to take advantage of the weather and delight in my surroundings a bit. Here are a few pictures of the resident goats here at the campground, and the peaceful waters nearby. God did an amazing and graceful thing when He left us with such beautiful creations to enjoy!



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