Moving On


As spring is slowly making its annual appearance, I am slowly make my way back to my homestate. I left Tennessee after a peaceful and balmy two month stay at Lazy Acres RV Park. Before leaving, I was able to attend a local church, then I bid farewell to Crackle, the two ducks with one name that I mentioned in a previous post. As well, I visited the resident goats and their new babies one last time.

20140325-164539.jpg My Lola and I hit the highway and began our short journey north to our last month long stay before heading home. I will certainly miss our newfound animal friends at Lazy Acres, but to my pleasant surprise, we’ve already made new acquaintances. I present to you our new four-legged neighbors!



2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Well my dear daughter are you sure you really want to leave your new found friends,goats & ducks & horses & pigs & birds with legs longer than mine. Has your address changed? Are you pure country now??? City Guy,Daddy


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