Truck Stop Decorum

Those full time and frequent RVers who understand the beauty of free overnight parking at truck stops and travel centers know that etiquette is a must. There aren’t a slew of rules, but following those and a few unwritten, common sense guidelines will ensure that the courtesy extended to us by these major chains will continue.

With that, I give you a visual of a major no-no. This is a Flying J, it’s not a campground. Don’t set up camp and place your satellite or anything else outside of your rig!


This may seem minor, but once one person starts this behavior, others follow. This is why the number of Walmarts once available for RV parking has diminished drastically. So, for those who appreciate the beauty of the free overnight, don’t extend your slideouts or sit out in lawn chairs. Leave all of your accessories inside your RV, don’t overstay your welcome, and don’t use your generator all night unless you park near the big rigs. In other words, keep it classy, RVers. This will guarantee our continued use of budget savvy and convenient truck stops and travel centers for years to come!

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