30 Day Fitness Challenge – DONE!


I’ve been away from this blog for so long; it feels like reuniting with an old friend! 🙂

Life for the past year and a half has brought some changes which I neither expected nor planned. I wrote about the passing of my brother, but couldn’t bring myself to write about my dad’s death three months after losing my only sibling. As a lifelong, unapologetic daddy’s girl, it seemed to me that actually putting words to paper made the loss of my hero much too real. I stopped writing altogether, retreated to a closed off inner space, and found comfort in sweets and rich foods that gave me temporary solace.

One day, a few months ago, I stepped out of the shower and discovered things had truly gotten out of hand. I began eating better, and saw a nice improvement, but decided to contact Josh from Shred Chronicles to give me a push after seeing his 30 day transformation online.

Today, I finished my own 30 day challenge. I have to say, I feel wonderful and I’m encouraged to keep going! Over 40 and fit is fabulous!

You can visit me on Instagram @dlteamor for meal ideas, and you can contact @shred_chronicles for your customized program — all free to you!

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