Mt. Olive: Striving to Look Like the Kingdom of God

Lately, it seems that while we, as Christians  (and as a society, in general) make advancements in many areas, we continue to fail in our treatment of and respect for one another. We continue to separate ourselves one from another, and make efforts to find more differences than similarities in our races, nationalities, and cultures. This is isn’t humane — it certainly isn’t godly.

As the Church, the Ecclesia of God, we are to be both symbols and mirror images of the Kingdom of God. We are supposed to spread the love of Christ and share the Gospel message with all nations. How can this possibly occur if we continually worship with people who look like us, listen to the same kind of music, eat the same foods, wear the same clothing, etc.? 

If God wanted us to all be the same, He would have created us all in one lovely shade of grey! He didn’t do that, though. He gave us a cornucopia of men, women, and children of different hues from familiar and unfamiliar places all over the globe! There is no reason we shouldn’t appreciate, celebrate, and share the beauty of multiculturalism on a daily basis. Further, there’s no explanation we’ll be able to give God to justify our failure to unite and worship together in His houses of prayer on a weekly basis.

In chapter seven of the Book of Revelation, we learn that around the throne, people of every tribe, speaking every language from every nation will gather together. I believe that we can begin to tear down these walls of separation that have been erected and begin to mimic the beauty of this “Revelation 7 Throne!” 

As such, I have formed the Mt. Olive Multicultural Christian Exchange. We are a group of Christians who desire to worship God in spirit and in truth with like-minded individuals of all races, nationalities, and cultures. We will meet weekly to praise, worship, share the Word, and plan activities that will help to spread the message of unity at our church homes and throughout our communities.

Launch Date: October 9, 2016

Please bookmark this page and visit frequently for information on upcoming services and meetups. Blessings to you and yours in Jesus’ Name! 

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