The Humankind Podcast


A few days ago, I stumbled upon an article that listed 50 new podcasts that shouldn’t be missed. I admit that there were a few that peaked my interests and I immediately downloaded three of them. Of those, only one was slightly entertaining, however, I can’t say that I’ve been impacted in such a way that I care to refer or discuss the production any further. This brings me to the fact that I’m absolutely flabbergasted that on this “can’t miss list,” there was not one mention of The Humankind Podcast. In my opinion, given the climate in the country and the need for healing and understanding, this is the one podcast in which anyone that lives by an “I am my brother’s keeper” philosophy must indulge weekly.

The Humankind Podcast, a 12 part collaborative effort of Allegory Media Foundation and 8th Wonder Media, sheds light on longstanding issues in race relations without the usual tension, protective personal walls, and closed minds typically present during these conversations. To the delightful contrary, The Humankind Podcast has somehow conquered all of these issues and more by merging open-minded intellectuals and creative prowess, then peppering that with cerebral savvy and grassroots realness. The result? Pure genius.


You can tune in to The Humankind Podcast Thursday evenings on iTunes or at

2 thoughts on “The Humankind Podcast

  1. Thank you, Dr. Teamor. We have been excited and energized about getting this work out in to the world – and it is an honor to have someone like you acknowledge it and help us spread the word!

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