Trump vs. Black History Month

Dear Donald Trump, 

How about you worry about the real issues of the country and keep your paws off of BLACK HISTORY MONTH? The recognition is titled appropriately as it is intended to include ALL Black history — the history from Africa, the motherland/birthplace of civilization. It is about the entire African Diaspora and is recognized in several other countries, not just the US for African Americans.

I am both Black and African American proudly, and I won’t fall prey to your bigoted devices. You WILL NOT shrink our rich history and strong culture by trying to start it with that percentage of our population that began as slaves in this country (maybe you should grab a copy of Lerone Bennett’s “Before the Mayflower” to understand this statement.)

I realize that I’m not one of your billionaire cronies, but with my small voice in this world, I’d advise you to stop attempting to get your Negro Entry Pass from the likes of Omorosa and Ben. They represent us just as much as O.J., Clarence Thomas, and Stacey Dash.

You have proven that you’re not looking for a real alliance by meeting with African Americans who have NEVER stood up as real soldiers in our community. I love Steve Harvey, but he is not a political or community spokesperson for our people. If it was a comedian with whom you wanted to confer (rather than the Cornel Wests and Michael Eric Dysons of the world,) then how did you skate past D.L. Hughly, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, or Paul Mooney? I’ll tell you how. It’s because you don’t really care, you’re out of touch, and you’re a con artist salesman with no integrity. The silver lining to this is that if you spoke with any of these, you wouldn’t understand what they were saying anyway — your 3rd grade vocabulary and jr. high mentality wouldn’t allow it.

I had planned to shred that Fox editorial you called a Black History Month speech to bits in this post, but I’m emotionally spent. As such, I’ll retreat to my crime ridden streets and busy myself with dodging the bullets that fly over my head day and night while I wait for my next set of food stamps and welfare checks — that’s if I can raise my head and rise above the hopelessness of my colored existence.

Thank you bigly, Mr. President, for helping me understand my condition!


D.L. Teamor, Ph.D., Th.D. 

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