My Latest Releases!

I’ve been a busy bee these past few months and here’s what I’ve got to show for it!


I’m the Boss of My Body!

Using simple, empowering language, “I’m the Boss of My Body!” makes it a bit easier to teach and open up discussion with little ones about the very sensitive, but necessary topic of child molestation and prevention.

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And He Chose the Vine

For any woman whose strength, faithfulness, and trustworthiness has been noticed and appreciated by the man who made her his wife. For any man who has thwarted the affections of other women, recognized the sanctity and seriousness of marriage, and made the choice to declare to the world in word and deed that “a man who finds a wife finds a good thing.” This book is a sweet reminder that of all the women in all the world you, wife, are his chosen “Vine;” and you, husband, chose the vitality of the “Vine” that stands before you both now and forevermore!

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Equality, Community, and Church Liability in Urban Education

Using the Detroit Public Schools as the primary backdrop, Teamor uses data gathering including pre and post surveys, investigative, and historical research, to prove that given equal educational and extra curricular opportunities, the mental and academic expectancies of inner city students would become more parallel to those of their suburban counterparts.

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