Basquiat, Baby!

I recently had the opportunity to see an exhibit of the art and writings of my favorite artist, Jean Michele Basquiat, during his SAMO years prior to meeting Andy Warhol. I have now authored 13 published books and I am working on my 14th. I have declined deals from larger publishing houses because I refuse to become an industry puppet. This in no way implies that authors under contract are “puppets.” The offers I have been given, however, would immediately turn me into Pinocchio! LOL! For this reason, I have chosen to stay independent. This exhibit gave me a renewed strength! It gave me both the energy and the permission to stay true to myself, my writing, and my talent. It gave me permission to never deviate from who I am!

My message to my fellow authors: JUST WRITE FROM YOUR HEART. Accolades may come, great offers may come, big money may come…and they may not. Who cares??? Write until your heat is content. Be proud of the work you’ve produced. Be assured that your work is not in vain and that it will find its way to those who need to read it with no delays, hindrances, or obstacles!

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