Week 4 — Wrapping it Up!

It seems as though the interior portion of our RV renovation was completed quite rapidly. In week three, we used the most elbow grease and pretty much wore ourselves out. I laid the subfloor, carpet tiles (from Amazon,) and galley tile (that I scored from Dollar Castle,) and the “menfolk” handled the more grueling tasks.

We’ve now discovered that we need to replace a fuel line, and after that, we’ll address a few more very minor operative issues (i.e. tune-up, tire replacement.)

Finally, we’ll tackle the exterior paint and our Gypsy Rider III aka “Gentilly” will be ready for full timing!

2 thoughts on “Week 4 — Wrapping it Up!

  1. My wife and I are in the planning stages of transitioning to Full Time RV’ing. Still trying to decide if we go for a rig that needs a full remodel or one that needs some touch up. So far, it’s still up in the air. Any advice?

    • Okay, easy answer first — when you go full time, you’re going to have the time of your life! Now, regarding the choice of rig, it honestly depends on individual comfort and need. When I was a solo RVer, I started with a Class B Rialta. It was great, but once I knew that I wanted to continue full timing, I wanted something larger. I bought a Class C 31′ Minnie Winnie. Both of these were basically move in ready, with only a few tweaks needed. Now, with a family, needs have changed and we needed a big overhaul. Because the quality of new rigs can’t compare to the “built to last” rigs of the past, we decided that investing in our old girl was the best option. Even after the painting and other small jobs are complete, we will still have put under $3000 into it to be road ready. So, based on my experience, I would get a fixer upper that’s mechanically dependable and customize it according to your needs. Go to YouTube and search “Full Time RV” and literally hundreds of renovations will be available to you. I hope I’ve helped, and maybe we’ll run into each other on the road someday!

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