Mini Ottoman Redux

If you’ve followed my RV journey, you may remember when I found a cute little Mini Ottoman and recovered the top to match the Rialta’s (AKA Gypsy Rider I) decor. That little item moved with me to the Minnie Winnie, the sticks and bricks homes, and now, to the Allegro.

Since we decided to remove the dinette, we need to accommodate our dining needs. This isn’t a challenge — we’ll simply use TV tray tables. As avid tea drinkers, however, we need a place to sit teacups (and sweet little snacks, of course…) I solved this problem by once again covering the top of my trusty little “Otto” and using free sample floor tiles from Home Depot to make a table surface on the underside.

Now, we need only flip the top for our “warm beverages” (in my Sheldon Cooper voice) and we’re good to go! Simple modifications go a long, long way!

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