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FREE FOR DOWNLOAD ON AMAZON NOW THROUGH MIDNIGHT SUNDAY! I love writing, and each of my books is dear to my heart. There’s something even more special about “Mirage” for me. It was my labor of love with characters who … Continue reading

Join Us for Resurrection Service This Saturday ðŸ˜Š

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Sundays Don’t Work for Everyone…

​At Mt. Olive MCE, we offer a contemporary, Spirit-filled worship service where everyone is welcomed and celebrated. From worshipping and singing praises to learning more about our wonderful Lord, we will grow together and build a church that truly looks … Continue reading

Mt. Olive: Striving to Look Like the Kingdom of God

Lately, it seems that while we, as Christians  (and as a society, in general) make advancements in many areas, we continue to fail in our treatment of and respect for one another. We continue to separate ourselves one from another, … Continue reading

We Are One!

Today is both the start of Black History Month and World Hijab Day. As an African American, I have obviously faced, endured, and overcome blatant prejudice and racism since my youth. At this point in my life, I have unfortunately come to accept that this discrimination will never change for me and those older than myself. I do pray, however, that things may one day be different for my son and for my granddaughter.

For this reason, I have a very difficult time standing by and watching others being discriminated against. Ghandi once chided that we should be the change we want to see in the world. Following his wisdom, I prepared a short video in support of a group that is now encountering widespread prejudice because of the veils that they wear to honor God and their faith. Today being World Hijab Day, I thought it was appropriate to share it (click here.)


I, my granddaughter, and several friends and acquaintances donned hijabs in the video as a show of solidarity and to counter the attacks many have faced since 9/11. Today is a day for you to do the same.


Please consider that most ethnicities have a traditional head covering that is unique to that culture. When I wear my African headwraps, not only do I feel as though I’m being hugged by my ancestors; I feel as though I am being embraced by God.


Because the emotion is too heavy for me to describe, I invite you to research your own traditional head covering, don it at least once, remember how you feel wearing it, and then look with respect to those Muslimah who choose to do the same. Peace and Blessings!