Advanced Reader’s Copy (Brief) Review: Here We Are

This anthology, in my opinion, would be a great addition to any pre-teen or teen girl’s collection.  It presents feminist ideologies in a way that is non-combative, yet it doesn’t shy away from the confrontation and boldness needed in the … Continue reading

Mt. Olive: Striving to Look Like the Kingdom of God

Lately, it seems that while we, as Christians  (and as a society, in general) make advancements in many areas, we continue to fail in our treatment of and respect for one another. We continue to separate ourselves one from another, … Continue reading

We Are One!

Today is both the start of Black History Month and World Hijab Day. As an African American, I have obviously faced, endured, and overcome blatant prejudice and racism since my youth. At this point in my life, I have unfortunately come to accept that this discrimination will never change for me and those older than myself. I do pray, however, that things may one day be different for my son and for my granddaughter.

For this reason, I have a very difficult time standing by and watching others being discriminated against. Ghandi once chided that we should be the change we want to see in the world. Following his wisdom, I prepared a short video in support of a group that is now encountering widespread prejudice because of the veils that they wear to honor God and their faith. Today being World Hijab Day, I thought it was appropriate to share it (click here.)


I, my granddaughter, and several friends and acquaintances donned hijabs in the video as a show of solidarity and to counter the attacks many have faced since 9/11. Today is a day for you to do the same.


Please consider that most ethnicities have a traditional head covering that is unique to that culture. When I wear my African headwraps, not only do I feel as though I’m being hugged by my ancestors; I feel as though I am being embraced by God.


Because the emotion is too heavy for me to describe, I invite you to research your own traditional head covering, don it at least once, remember how you feel wearing it, and then look with respect to those Muslimah who choose to do the same. Peace and Blessings!

The Hijab Project



Production title: The Hijab Project (working title)
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (10 minutes)
Posted on: Saturday, December 12, 2015
Production location: Southfield, MI (or NATIONWIDE*)
Director: D.L. Teamor
Producer: Damont Goolsby
Audition & Shooting Location: Details provided upon contact
Phone: 248-242-2762
Compensation: No

Open Call:
December 19, 2015 12pm-5pm
(Please scedule a specific time within this window)
Shooting Starts: December 20, 2015
Shooting Ends: December 20, 2015

Synopsis: The purpose of this project is to aid in combating the huge increase in “Islamophobia” that has occurred as a result of the actions of some radical hate groups.

We are seeking FEMALES of all walks of life, races, ages, and religions for this project. You need only a desire to combat racism and take a stand for unity. Please have a short bio prepared.

We are also in need of at least two MAKEUP ARTISTS and HEADWRAP STYLISTS.

*FOR OUT OF TOWN PARTICIPANTS OR THOSE WHO ARE UNAVAILABLE ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOT: To be included, please email a headshot of yourself in a hijab on a black background, as well as a short bio to the email address listed above.

Bring Back Our Girls


Two weeks ago, 234 Nigerian girls were kidnapped while attending classes at school. They have been sold into “slave marriages” for $12 each and are being raped and battered daily.

PLEASE sign the petition to force the Nigerian president to get these girls back home to their families where they belong. PLEASE imagine if your daugter, sister, niece, etc. were taken from school and sold. PLEASE click the link below and sign.