On the Road Again!

If you’ve read through my site, you know that while I was a full time RVer, I had some of the best experiences of my life! When I was married and our family grew, life dictated that a brick and … Continue reading

My Newest Venture — VIPKid!

Wow, it’s been a great while since last I posted — being here feels like I’ve missed an old friend! Where have I been? Well, as always, I’ve launched out on a new journey. This time, with a Beijing, China … Continue reading

Mt. Olive: Striving to Look Like the Kingdom of God

Lately, it seems that while we, as Christians  (and as a society, in general) make advancements in many areas, we continue to fail in our treatment of and respect for one another. We continue to separate ourselves one from another, … Continue reading

National Headwrap Day


Last week, I started my loc journey for the second time. Since then, I’ve rebuilt my scarf collection and have embraced the tradition of headwrapping. There’s such an honor and a feeling of connection to my African antecedents when I’m wrapped. It feels as though they and God are embracing me gently. So, today being the day that we celebrate the tradition, I wish everyone who wraps in honor of culture, faith, or fashion a beautiful day!


Mirage Trailer Filming

Last Saturday, I had an unbelievably amazing time filming the trailer for the film version of my last novel, Mirage. Special thanks to the following:

In Order of Appearance:

Laurel, Arielle Olkhovsky

Infant August, Trinity Faith Teamor

Sadira, Shanacee Shreve

Abraham, Orvalle Williams

Elizabeth, Carolyn Sahoza

Harlan, Denny Conners

Phoebe, Shelby Leigh

Mae Ruth, Carolyn Sahoza

Adult August, Damont Goolsby

*Filmed and Edited by Lamont Campbell for LC Studios

*Theme song written by D.L. Teamor and performed by Sheila Hardin


All the Many Changes…


It’s amazing how time flies when you’re really living. I just logged in to my blog and discovered I’ve posted nothing since August. Believe me, I’m totally committed  to maintaing this site, but in the past few months, life has been a beautiful storm of love and life as well as death and transition.

In June, I was still galavanting around the country writing and loving the freedom of minimalism and the simplicity of RV life. Without boring you with minor details, I’ll fast foward through life events…

By mid-June, I was back in my home state after recording audio books and some of my original music with my producer in Indiana. On July 4th, I became engaged. In August, I was married and my husband agreed to try living the full time RV dream with me. Two weeks after that, I was able to witness the birth of my first and only grandchild. Less than one month later, due to unforeseen circumstances, we became the guardians of said grandchild and needed to abort our nomadic existence.


In a matter of only a few weeks, we sold my RV,  moved into a new home, and I acquired a “regular vehicle,” and drove at street level for the first time since I started full timing. I didn’t  know that my grandbaby wasn’t the only one who needed to have a home environment in which to be cared for.


This month, after celebrating his 50th birthday, my master musician, Veteran Army Ranger brother suffered two strokes. These were in addition the four he had suffered in the previous three years,  and the three heart attacks he had two years prior to the first stroke. He declined very quickly and moved into our home to receive hospice care. Just last week, he passed away, and for the first time in my life, I’m left an only child without the protective presence of my big brother hovering around me.


Yes, there have been many changes in my life. In some  ways, I’ve come full circle. At the end of the day, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have a loving husband, a happy home, a writing room to die for, a beautiful granddaughter, and my brother is no longer in pain. To God be the glory for all that He has done!

Bell’s and Thoughts of Botox

It’s been a while since my last Bell’s Palsy update.  I’m now well into my second month, and it seems like there is finally some progress.  I have a bit of movement on the right side of my face that seems to come and go; however, whenever I’m exposed to cold air, it immediately, “freezes” again.  I still can not close my eye, and I think I might just invest in Bausch and Lomb given the amount of money I’ve spent on gels, ointments and drops to prevent damage to my cornea.  One doctor suggested that I have a gold weight surgically implanted into my eyelid until I’m thoroughly recovered, but I’ve opted against that.

Besides the discomfort in my eye and just a tad bit of aching near my cheekbone, most of the pain I’ve felt over the past several weeks is gone.  Another big breakthrough is that I haven’t had to use a straw to drink for the last few days!  I feel like a toddler drinking out of my, “big girl cup!”  It’s amazing the things we learn to appreciate when we lose them…Image

Along those same lines (upcoming pun not intended,) I’ve taken note of how many people regularly use Botox to fight wrinkles and the natural aging process.  Well, after experiencing paralysis, an expressionless face and the inability to smile, I’m one who has chosen to never use Botox – – I think I’ve earned every one of my wrinkles, crow’s feet and laugh lines that will appear as time passes.  I appreciate the ones I have, (at least on one side,) and the ones that will come.  For now, I will continue using my TENS unit and taking my daily doses of MSM.  Hopefully, my next update will bring news of total and complete recovery!

Another Chapter Ends

I’ve been away from the blog for a few days because I had to do some unexpected travel. As you know, I live, work and travel in my RV. Last Wednesday, I decided that although I love my, “Gypsy Rider,” I need a little more space in my rolling home. I placed it for sale on Craigslist just to see if anyone may be interested in buying it. The first day, I received two emails. The first potential buyer came out on Thursday to see it, and told me he’d call back the next day with his decision. The second asked where he and his wife could meet me the next day to buy it. Whoa!

Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I agreed to meet at a nearby bank to handle the transaction. That meant, I had to clear out my Rialta and find a new one to purchase in less than 24 hours. I started my search online and made a few phone calls. I ended up having to leave messages and spoke with no one personally. At this point, my nerves took over and I wondered if I had moved too hastily.

The next day, I handed over the keys to Gypsy Rider’s new owner, Joe, rented a car and checked into a hotel to continue the search for my new abode (since I hadn’t received a return call from any of the messages I’d previously left.)

After midnight, I found one that was in my price range, but still had all of the features I needed. I called Friday morning, and before I knew it, I was on my way to Camping World in Akron, OH. There was some work that needed to be done on it, so they put me up in the Fairfield Inn right next door to their location. Saturday, I returned my rental car at the Akron Airport, picked up my 29′ Minnie Winnie (I must find a new name for this one,) and began my return trip.

It has taken me two days to organize everything in my new space, but now, it feels like home!