Drastic Change of Scenery

It’s very hard to believe that only a few days ago, I was battling the snow and ice. After traveling a mere four hours down I-75, this is the view outside of my window today:

Yesterday, it was 65 degrees and rainy; today, it’s a sunny 56 and very comfortable. I left temperatures in the low teens which brought frozen tanks on my RV, and achy bones on me.

Today, I’m relaxed, sipping a cup of honey chamomile tea and watching the film, Prisoners on pay-per-view. When the movie ends, however, it’s back to the keyboard to continue work on my next novel. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these temps will last.

Bell’s Update – Week 3


Last week marked my third full week with Bell’s Palsy. With it came a great deal of pain, swelling, nausea and tearing from my right eye which still won’t close. The facial paralysis has not subsided, but I believe the pain is a sign of healing. The headaches that I experienced the in the week prior to my diagnosis returned, but only lasted a few days. This brought a level of comfort, but I have to mention that I have had headaches everyday since an auto accident four years ago, so there was no complete relief. My little Lola is able to detect the more serious headaches before their onset, but she couldn’t detect those that were due to Bell’s.

Last Sunday, the campground where I had been staying closed for the season. Knowing that I should keep still and continue healing (and working on my book,) as well as winter quickly creeping upon us, I moved to a year round campground. I must say, it is beautiful! You can get a glimpse in the pics below. I’ve settled in, continued my writing and I’m getting a good amount of rest. I’m sure that this will soon be behind me and I’ll be back to my old self before I know it!




Campground Scare



Well, after blogging about the joy the kids were experiencing here at the campground, it all ended with a bad accident. I was at my laptop working on my next novel when I saw a fire truck go by my site. I saw more fire trucks, followed by EMS units and then police cars. As it turned out, there was an accident with one of the hayrides and several children were injured and taken to the hospital.

I received a call from one of my friends, a local news anchor, and before I knew it, I was being interviewed for tonight’s broadcast. Thank goodness he’s a true friend and filmed me only from the left side so that none would be the wiser about the paralysis on my right side.

This evening, I pray that all those who were injured will heal quickly both physically and emotionally.