Always Blessings, Never Losses

ALWAYS BLESSINGS, NEVER LOSSES…I’ve really grasped this idea and it has helped me through seemingly innumerable life situations over the past several months.  It is my hope that anyone experiencing, “life” today will adopt this phrase as well.  Put it on your mirror, make a bookmark, jot it in your Bible – – whatever it takes to remember that there is definitely a silver lining in every cloud.

I’m personally thinking of my grandmother, my uncle and two of my best friends, Lynn and Shawn that I’ve lost (but heaven gained) over the past year.  I’m still missing each of them, but I’m smiling because I was so blessed to have shared life and great times with them all!


This is one of my favorite songs by Cindy Campo – – I hope you enjoy it, as well!

Forgotten Voices

A significant part of my time on the road will be spent assisting our US Veterans and their families.  I started working with Vets  in 2008 when I started a non-profit organization called, Calvary House.  Since then, I was in an auto accident that changed my life entirely.  When I started the organzation, I taught 10-12 grade Entrepreneurship and Information Technology in the Detroit Public Schools – – this is probably a great place to indicate that the problem in DPS is not the students – – they gave me my reason for jumping up every morning and running enthusiatically into the clasroom.

The best I can say for those that hold the rolls of red tape in the organization is that they gave me my reason for immersing myself into my students and making them the only happiness found within the confines of DPS.  One of my upcoming books will probably be based on my experiences there, but for now, I’d rather stay positive…

Anyway, after the accident, I found that many of my injuries (and long term effects that I’m still working through) were similar to  those experienced by our Vets.  I saw doctors in fields that I never knew existed and experienced symptoms that I didn’t understand.  Because I believe that I can help others no matter what my situation may be, I was determined to find a way to shed light on those who have gone virtuously unnoticed.

At the time, there was very little I could manage cognitively, so “real” writing was definitely out of the question, but I knew  that I could pay homage to our “lost” Vets in some way while still working on my own healing.  Thus, “Forgotten Voices” was born!

You can take a look at the ad created by my good friend and longtime photographer and videographer, Lamont Campbell HERE.  Enjoy!

Forgotten Voices2

The Pal I’ve Yet to Meet

To make a major life change takes a great deal of thought, research, planning (and in my case, praying – – lol) before actually taking the leap.  Before putting the idea into action, I sought out a cornucopia of resources, primarily on the Net.  I read discussion boards, other blogs, joined online groups, watched Youtube videos and read at least 20 books on the subject of fulltime RV living.

To my dismay, the majority of those who set out to live this life gave up after only a few months.  I did find that most of them were 20-somethings who really hadn’t met (or set) life goals and were still “in search of…”  They planned on generating income and living solely by workamping, and pick-up jobs to escape the poor job availability in their local cities and towns.  To me, this seemed like trading one challenging situation for another, but to each his own.

From what I’ve read and seen, the more successful fulltimers are middle aged and retired.  They are not “seeking” but rather, deciding to live a simpler life, focusing more on travel, resting, enhancing individual talents and exploring the country (and in some cases, multiple countries) void of the pseudo-niceties that the post-Dynasty-Dallas-Knots Landing-Falcon Crest-Days of Our Lives-society dictates we need in order to achieve that, “I’ve arrived” happiness.

I attained some great information from several resources, but of all the blogs I’ve discovered, only one has kept my attention.  I look forward to reading his entries because the reasons for his choosing the lifestyle that I’m venturing toward seem extemely parallel.

Neither of us were forced into it because of finances (although the potential for savings is extremely attractive,) or because we have an inner flower child – – though this may not be far-fetched :).  It’s just based on the fact that there is still a way to “live” instead of constantly “survive” in this fast-paced world.  There is a way to be physically, emotionally and spiritually complete while enjoying the overlooked scenes that are around us everyday – – not looking for happiness in “things.”  There are other parallels that I recognized along the way; too many to list here, but you get the idea.

For those exploring this lifestyle or those who just wish for a daily breath of fresh air, I implore you to read his blog and to keep your eye out for his upcoming book release.  Visit:  – – you won’t be disappointed.

And maybe some day, I’ll be able to share that our paths have crossed, I’ve thanked him for all of his great advice and wonderful stories, and we’ve swapped our books with each other.  Until then, he’ll remain a friend in my mind – – a true pal that I’ve yet to meet!

Turning a Mountain into a Molehill

Turning a Mountain into a Molehill

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