Before and After: Finishing Touches

We’re almost there! The RV renovation is coming along. I thought I’d give a glimpse of the area where we’ll spend the most time inside the rig. These are before and after pics of the dinette removal. The TV was … Continue reading

Extended Family and Teamwork

Week two of the RV renovations has begun and I can see this homely duckling (she was never ugly) becoming a swan! I’ve made numerous trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Advanced Auto Parts, etc., etc. for paint, wood, screws, … Continue reading

On the Road Again!

If you’ve read through my site, you know that while I was a full time RVer, I had some of the best experiences of my life! When I was married and our family grew, life dictated that a brick and … Continue reading

Healthy RV Eating


Who says you can’t maintain a healthy diet while RVing? I’ve gone through several RV recipe books and most of the foods presented are made with processed meats and lots of salty canned goods. I’ve had a few people ask me to share some of my recipes, so I’ll start with my lunch this afternoon.

I cut up one cucumber, two small tomatoes, and one avocado in a bowl. I sprinkled a little basil on top, used about a half teaspoon of lime juice and topped it with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. It was easy, DELICIOUS, economical, only 250 calories, and I’m stuffed!

I just came in from a lovely walk around the campground, and I’m ready to start writing again. Here’s to a happy, healthy, simple life!