Officially Out of the Fast Lane

Officially Out of the Fast Lane

As I was meandering down the highway to my next, “campsite,” I realized a couple of things. First, cars were flying past me in the middle and fast lanes – – I kept a steady pace in the right slow … Continue reading

Be Still

There is truly something to be said for being in a quiet place… In a place where you’re able to just stand still and see the glory of God! That’s where I am today – – feeling nothing but peace, love and joy I don’t have much to say in this entry, but I do want to share my two latest RV acquisitions that speak multitudes (I can’t wait to hang them ,) as well as a video that reminds us all to just slow down! Ride the waves today and let the Spirit guide you!


This was created by Nicole Wagner from The Primitive Barn in Linden, CA


…and this one by Bonnie from Itsy Bitsy Elephant in Kerrville, Texas

Always Blessings, Never Losses

ALWAYS BLESSINGS, NEVER LOSSES…I’ve really grasped this idea and it has helped me through seemingly innumerable life situations over the past several months.  It is my hope that anyone experiencing, “life” today will adopt this phrase as well.  Put it on your mirror, make a bookmark, jot it in your Bible – – whatever it takes to remember that there is definitely a silver lining in every cloud.

I’m personally thinking of my grandmother, my uncle and two of my best friends, Lynn and Shawn that I’ve lost (but heaven gained) over the past year.  I’m still missing each of them, but I’m smiling because I was so blessed to have shared life and great times with them all!


This is one of my favorite songs by Cindy Campo – – I hope you enjoy it, as well!