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Mirage Trailer Filming

Last Saturday, I had an unbelievably amazing time filming the trailer for the film version of my last novel, Mirage. Special thanks to the following:

In Order of Appearance:

Laurel, Arielle Olkhovsky

Infant August, Trinity Faith Teamor

Sadira, Shanacee Shreve

Abraham, Orvalle Williams

Elizabeth, Carolyn Sahoza

Harlan, Denny Conners

Phoebe, Shelby Leigh

Mae Ruth, Carolyn Sahoza

Adult August, Damont Goolsby

*Filmed and Edited by Lamont Campbell for LC Studios

*Theme song written by D.L. Teamor and performed by Sheila Hardin


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Laurel Dixon has it all. She is a Caucasian woman, living the American Dream…or so she thinks. She has a successful career in a world where women are expected to be home and stay silent. She is a proponent for equal rights, and has finally given birth to her first child after years of failed pregnancies.

What will happen when Laurel discovers in the most unwelcome way that her entire life has been only a MIRAGE?

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Books and Bell’s



My last book signing of this tour was bittersweet, to say the least. I arrived in Jacksonville on a beautiful, sunny day and checked in at the Pecan Park RV Resort (the most comfortable park where I’ve resided in any state, by the way.)

Before the event, I had the opportunity to visit a few downtown attractions and then made my way to the signing.

After a satisfying number of sales, out of nowhere, my right eye began to feel swollen. I glanced in the mirror to my left, and everything appeared normal.

A few more sales, a few more photos and signings, and then my face went numb. I could no longer smile, my speech became slurred, and I was dizzy and nauseous (that’s supposed to be a smile in the pic below…)

When all was said and done, I left the event early and ended my night at Baptist Health Hospital. The staff, including Chaplain Genesis S. (pictured below with his wife and baby,) took care of me and my little Lola, and the view from my room couldn’t have been more beautiful.


Thank God, there was no sign of stroke although my blood pressure was 203/105 when I arrived in the emergency room.

The diagnosis…Bell’s Palsy. The blessing…I was struck only upon completion of this book tour! Alas, I’m heading home for awhile, working on my next novel, setting a few acupuncture appointments and hitting the road to recovery!

Graceland, Baby!

Let me just say that I love Memphis! I’m actually staying at the Agricenter RV Park in Germantown, just outside of Memphis proper. And it is wonderful. The people here are friendly and above all else, Graceland is here. Of course, I had to visit, and here are my pics 🙂