To Answer My Daddy’s Question

I received an email from my daddy today asking me, in essence, how I became such a lover of nature, animals, and the “simple life.”  I was born and raised in the suburbs, both of my parents held executive positions – – my dad in Corporate America, and my mom in a State of MI court.  My bio tells all about me, so I won’t repeat it here.  I laughed when I read his email, and I could almost hear him laughing and see his smile while I read!

I know my parents love me, and they intentionally raised me to be a successful little dynamo, but I don’t think they realize how much they actually did for me. I was raised in a beautiful home, in an area that blended the niceties of city life with the natural surroundings of a quaint, small town.  I went to elementary and junior high in one of the best schools in the state, and attended one of the highest ranking high schools in the country.  I attended church services from as far back as I can remember, and don’t ever recall being an inactive church member.  I must add here, that my Christianity was planted and cultivated by my parents, grandparents, and other family members with love and tenderness the way Christ taught His followers.  That, of course, promoted my appreciation of my faith as an adult.  I could go on and on, but I can summarize by saying, they were nearly flawless in the way the raised me.

To answer my dad’s question, I believe it is that appreciation of faith and love of Christ that makes me cherish the life I’m living right now.  God is love, and I can feel that love even in the breezes that blow.  I can see Him in the trees and flowers, in the details of each uniquely designed animal, in the clouds and sun, and even in the stars at night.  When I see nature all around me, it reminds me of how vast this world really is and how blessed I am to be a part of it.  I would never have had this appreciation if my parents hadn’t planted those godly seeds.

So as he reads this, as I know he will soon, I just want to take the time to publicly thank him and my mom for teaching me about my God as a child, and then leaving me the space to grow to love and cherish Him on my own.  I’d also like to take a minute to thank the Lord for giving me the mom and dad He gave me, the life He’s allowing me to live, and the space He’s allowed me to occupy in this big, beautiful world He created! Image

The Way Grandma Used to Do It!

This morning, I met my new neighbors for the first time.  They are a wonderful couple – – white and fluffy with orange features.  They are the cutest ducks you’ll ever see! The gentleman in the RV next to mine raises them.  It saves him money, gives him fresh eggs and also provides a hobby.  My little Lola has been fascinated by them all day.


These little duckies (both of them are named, “Crackle”) made me think of full time RVing in another light.  We certainly live a simpler life and we’re closer to nature on a regular basis.  I had never even explored the fact, however, that we’re not always as dependent on modern day, “luxuries” as others.  I met my feathery friends and their owner as I was heading outside to fill my water tank after completing laundry duty.  I realized, at that point, that as RVers, we do several things the way our grandparents and great-grandparents did.  While the fulltimer, “next door” was collecting his eggs, I had just finished using my washboard to do the wash.

When I was just a little girl, my Grandma Teamor taught me how to use a washboard.  In fact, between my two grandmas and the one great-grandmother that I was blessed to have until I was 17, I learned many ways of the past.  I have an extremely extensive formal education that cost me an arm and a leg, but the education that has been provided by my parents and other family members is invaluable.  I digressed…

I love the idea of raising foul for eggs, but I still opt to just buy them at the market.  I will not, however, be without my washboard.  I like the fresh smell of the laundry, I get a great upper body and abdominal workout, and each time I’m washing, I think of my family and quietly pay homage to those who used “elbow grease” in all that they did.  I would implore everyone to make it a practice to carry out at least one task “the old fashioned way.”  Although it may require a bit more work, I promise, you will find that somehow your mind is at ease and you’re a bit more emotionally relaxed while you’re doing it.

Here’s to the simple life!


How to Use a Washboard

1. Fill a bucket with approximately one gallon of water.

2. Wet your washboard and rub your bar of soap against the board to create a lather (I use white Zote – – it’s 99 cents a bar at Walmart and smells very fresh.)

3. Dip your garment in the bucket and then scrub it against the board.

4. Rinse and wring your garment, and hang to dry.

5. Repeat process for each article of clothing and that’s it!

Sunset Inspiration

Last evening, after writing for quite some time, I decided to take a break. I was a bit frustrated because I had hit a stumbling block smack dab in the middle of the chapter. I looked out my RV window and the view took my breath away.

The photo doesn’t capture how beautiful it was, but after seeing the gorgeous sunset, I got my mojo back! I wondered how many people in how many cities or even states were witnessing this. I could only imagine…

That was it! I needed to IMAGINE. I have been so structured in my writing, putting time limits on myself, making it a duty, that I forgot to imagine. At that point, I thought of how far away that sunset reached and let my mind take me just as far. I was immediately inspired and writing became relaxing and enjoyable once again. I also remembered that inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources. Thank you, Lord, for the sunset :).

The Journey Home II

I continued my northbound travels through The Virginias and Kentucky… There were simply too many beautiful scenes to capture them all. Here are some I thought you’d enjoy… (regarding the guy in the camo overalls, I just couldn’t resist — I’ve just never seen anyone in public that way!)











My Little Birdie Friends

My Little Birdie Friends

Settled once again at one of my favorite spots in White Lake, MI, I was pleased to find that my little friends found me. These two feathery characters wander around this area together constantly. They cause no trouble, and barely … Continue reading