Extended Family and Teamwork

Week two of the RV renovations has begun and I can see this homely duckling (she was never ugly) becoming a swan! I’ve made numerous trips to Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Advanced Auto Parts, etc., etc. for paint, wood, screws, … Continue reading

To Answer My Daddy’s Question

I received an email from my daddy today asking me, in essence, how I became such a lover of nature, animals, and the “simple life.”  I was born and raised in the suburbs, both of my parents held executive positions – – my dad in Corporate America, and my mom in a State of MI court.  My bio tells all about me, so I won’t repeat it here.  I laughed when I read his email, and I could almost hear him laughing and see his smile while I read!

I know my parents love me, and they intentionally raised me to be a successful little dynamo, but I don’t think they realize how much they actually did for me. I was raised in a beautiful home, in an area that blended the niceties of city life with the natural surroundings of a quaint, small town.  I went to elementary and junior high in one of the best schools in the state, and attended one of the highest ranking high schools in the country.  I attended church services from as far back as I can remember, and don’t ever recall being an inactive church member.  I must add here, that my Christianity was planted and cultivated by my parents, grandparents, and other family members with love and tenderness the way Christ taught His followers.  That, of course, promoted my appreciation of my faith as an adult.  I could go on and on, but I can summarize by saying, they were nearly flawless in the way the raised me.

To answer my dad’s question, I believe it is that appreciation of faith and love of Christ that makes me cherish the life I’m living right now.  God is love, and I can feel that love even in the breezes that blow.  I can see Him in the trees and flowers, in the details of each uniquely designed animal, in the clouds and sun, and even in the stars at night.  When I see nature all around me, it reminds me of how vast this world really is and how blessed I am to be a part of it.  I would never have had this appreciation if my parents hadn’t planted those godly seeds.

So as he reads this, as I know he will soon, I just want to take the time to publicly thank him and my mom for teaching me about my God as a child, and then leaving me the space to grow to love and cherish Him on my own.  I’d also like to take a minute to thank the Lord for giving me the mom and dad He gave me, the life He’s allowing me to live, and the space He’s allowed me to occupy in this big, beautiful world He created! Image

Stovetop Baking


When I decided to purchase the Rialta, I was sold on every aspect except for the fact that I would have no oven (well, there’s a microwave, but that doesn’t count…) The idea that I would be unable to bake did not settle well by any means. Well, lo and behold, I found a solution. After much suspicion, I purchased an Omnia Oven.  I couldn’t believe that what appeared to be a typical bundt pan would allow me to bake without a convection oven.  I ordered it anyway, and although I was still suspect when I felt how light the box was when it arrived, I immediately made a blueberry quick bread.  Well, my doubt has waned and my skeptical tongue has been silenced!  In a matter of 40 minutes, I was feasting on warm blueberry bread with cinnamon honey butter that I whipped up while my Omnia was working it’s magic.  Granted, it doesn’t produce a well browned top as it would in an oven, but that’s a very small concession when I can still bake cookies and rolls and quiches… oh my!  So, I’ve got buttermilk biscuits on right now, and plan on being in brownie heaven tonight.  This life just keeps getting better and better!


Upgrades, Maintenance and TP Utopia!

Okay, let me start by stating this… Nowhere in my wildest literary imagination have I ever imagined writing a piece about toilet paper, but since I have stumbled upon an RV TP dream, I must share it!  After spending a sum total of about three months in various hotels while waiting to make the big purchase, I sampled various brands of toiletries, coffees, paper products, etc.  Of course, my little Lola goes with me everywhere, and on one occasion, after wiping her little nose (yes, I treat her like a baby – – don’t judge me! Hahaha!) I dropped the tissue in the toilet and went back to finish her daily grooming.  When I returned  to the restroom, about five minutes later, the tissue had broken into tiny pieces in still water.  Now, for the average home dweller, this means nothing.  To an RVer, however, this is the TP Holy Grail!  You can take a look at the RV TP Test here.  Click the pic for the Amazon listing. 🙂


I immediately did a search for the brand on Amazon, and there it was – – Georgia Pacific Envision.  The end all be all was that I placed an order for a case of 80 rolls for a grand total of $56.00, that’s 70 cents per roll!  The typical RV and marine TP averages $6.00 for four rolls… need I say more on this topic?  (Angelic voices singing in the background!)

I guess this is as good a time as any to mention another Amazon acquisition of note – – a collapsible tea kettle – – wonderful space saver and works like a charm!


In other news, I have had a bit of work done on the Rialta in the past couple of weeks, including having a new battery installed, as well as a new sewage valve and a few other minor tweaks.  Tomorrow, I will have some work done on the refrigerator as I’m still having an issue getting it to run on propane.  Turns out, the culprit is a missing vent cover, which I found online for under $40.00.  I also need to have the tail light replaced.  Let’s just say, I’m adjusting to backing up in a near 21′ vehicle – – yada, yada, yada – – the tail light is no longer in one piece.  I was quoted $70-$90 for the part and after another visit to Amazon, I purchased the part and had it overnighted for under $50.00 (Touchdown!)

The last of my current upgrades include having a hardwood floor installed this week and a paint job which will be completed next week.  I’m having it painted a solid white so that stealth boondocking will be a great deal easier with the rig looking more like a work van than a motorhome.  Of course, I will post pics as soon as it’s all done!

My View From, “There”

My View From, “There”

This morning I awoke to the beauty displayed in the photograph. I made breakfast and had coffee all the while praising God for all that He has provided. It’s breathtaking when you can see and feel Him in the water, … Continue reading

An RV Dream Come True!

An RV Dream Come True!

After over a year of scaling down, moving out, deciding and second guessing, I finally have my RV. Initially, I wanted a small 19′ Class C rig. Over time, I thought bigger may be better since I would be fulltiming. … Continue reading

RV Dreams

Well, after a few days of packing, selling and giving away items from my office, the journey to full time RV living is drawing nearer. It looks like I’ll be ready to make the big purchase sometime next week.

I’ve secured a box with the UPS store and have already begun mail forwarding. I chose UPS for now because I will still have a local address and they will ship my mail and packages to any UPS store or location of my choosing in the U.S. I plan to eventually change residency to South Dakota, and will rely on mydakotaaddress.com to handle the mail forwarding, residency and DMV processes, but for now, I will stay local.

I have completely changed my thoughts on the type of rig I’ll purchase, and have decided to buy used rather than new. Where I was already leaning that way, the advice given on the posted video sealed the deal. There is a wealth of information on this video from a full time RV couple, so if you’re planning to take the leap, it’s definitely worth a look. It’s 1:30 minutes long, so grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy!