Turning a Mountain into a Molehill

Turning a Mountain into a Molehill

So we’ve all heard of the proverbial, “Making a mountain out of a molehill.” Well, I have successfully completed the opposite! My latest development in downsizing is turning the crazy recipe collection which included folders, boxes and pages ripped from Women’s Day and Family circle magazines into an organized file that will better suit the rig.

I could have gone a step further and used one of the software packages I’ve heard such great things about, but I’m a bit old fashioned in that I still find a certain nostalgic quaintness about handwritten recipes. For that reason, I set out to find a system that would work for me. I decided on a very simple (some would say, archaic,) way of compiling them into one volume. A good ‘ole photo album and index cards!

I realize that this is not the most interesting post for most, but I’m absolutely elated that I have now disposed of the ridiculous stacks of paper, cards and folders that made my kitchen drawers look like an illustration from an Erma Bombeck story – – yayy me!!

I think there is an additonal tsp. of happiness added to the completion of this task because every little step I take is leading me closer to making the big purchase and hitting the road!

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